THE DEADLINE *said in a dramatic movie voice*

Updated: Mar 27, 2019

IT'S CRUNCH TIME! (I feel like that looks like I am excited and enthusiastic about my impending doom. I'm not. Read it again in a doom and gloom voice). And this time it's real crunchy. More so than usual.

Deadlines and I have always had a tenuous relationship, simply because I am unable to stop procrastinating. Honestly, if there were awards for procrastination, I would have received all of them. Although if they required any kind of entry, I would have missed those.

On a serious note though, I've been working flat out since last week Thursday, praying for more hours in my days. And it's been okay. I was really worried on the weekend, but by Tuesday, I felt like I had a better grasp on the whole thing. The presentation the previous week was not wonderful. I went into my crit, feeling like it was okay, but afterwards, I might have died of stress.

Last week's presentation...

But, after a weekend and a crit on Monday, life, and the presentation had improved vastly.

Monday's Presentation (I even added a spicy little illustration of myself. Talk about extra effort)

So with a better presentation, that was almost finished, I was feeling much, much better.

The crit on Wednesday morning went well. There were a few more things I had to do for Thursday, but it was all manageable. I just needed to add a few things into the presentation and finish it all off, complete the infographic and just make the research report. All possible after work on Wednesday evening. I might even have gotten to go to bed at a decent hour (with an okay amount of sleep!)

And then disaster struck!

I finished the presentation, saved and plugged my hard drive into my laptop so I could print, and would you believe it, my hard drive wouldn't read. Considering it was last backed up on Tuesday evening, all of my work done on Wednesday was effectively gone, which there weren't enough hours left in the day to redo. It was officially panic time.

After two hours of crying, freaking out and holding thumbs, I (and my trusty sidekick, google) managed to get it working again so I could back up all of my work at least one thousand and one times. Don't ask me how it worked, but it involved a lot of furious clicking and praying, but the technology gods were smiling down on me that day, and I got my stuff printed and everything handed in on time, Thursday morning.

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