Illustration is slow...

The thing about illustration, is that it takes time. Like, a lot of time. And sometimes, when you've been at your desk for hours and hours, and you haven't even made it through a page, it's slightly disheartening.

This whole project, I've felt like I never have anything to show at my crits, and everyone else is so much further along than I am, and that I've been slacking. And then I would go home, work for hours, and feel like I am still no further in the project.

I think the key is to try and not compare myself to others. The thing with this project, is that everyone is doing completely different things. Some of us are working on branding, others on marketing campaigns, others on murals. So it's really useless to compare my work to someone who is making posters and billboards. They are just too different.

Me, working away...

I think that once I was about half way through the book, I started to gain a bit of confidence. I just felt like I was getting somewhere and that I could actually show someone my work and they could see what I was going on, rather than a bunch of scribbles that really don't make much sense.

But the thing is that these things take time and deadlines need to be met, and I haven't really sent anything to my client yet, because I haven't really had much to show them, and I don't want to make them worry, because all of my pages look horrendous and unfinished... I'm hoping that I can send something to them this week. Something that will still make them have faith in my ability and not question their decision to let a student work on this project.

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