Human Centered Design Thinking

Updated: Apr 22, 2019

Walking into our lecture and getting told we were going to be working on a human centered design project, sounded like a lot of fun. And I think it still will be, but I also now know about all of the work it entails. It's so much more involved than I thought, maybe even more involved than I have ever been in a design project...

First Contact

We sat down in class on day 1, and we were introduced to just about every kind of person you could imagine. There were clients from almost every field I can think of, all pitching their projects to us. From a Jewellery design exhibition and the Johannesburg Zoo, to Wordless Picture Books and Soap Crafters, they were all there, trying their best to convince us to choose their project

But don't be fooled. This was not as simple as saying: 'I, Joe Bloggs, want to work on this project'. Our lecturers are far more crafty than that...

Insert 'Paper-Toy off' here

Because they can, and I guess because we can't stop them... our lecturers came up with the idea of having us build paper toys, competition style. The first to finish their paper toy, is the first to pick their project and client. Meaning that my fate (in terms of this project at least) was to be determined by my ability to make a paper toy faster than all the other people in the room.

Unfortunately, I happened to be in a room with a set of rather talented people, with one of the most complicated designs sat in front of me...

TA DA! My fabulous paper bear creation (not perfect, but I'll take it)

But it was fine, I survived, and I managed to scrape in a 12th place spot! (Okay, maybe I'm not the best paper toy crafter, but at least I wasn't last). This meant that by the time it rolled around to my turn, not every single decent project was taken, and even better: only one of the three slots for my dream project was taken! 💃🏻

Thank goodness! Because if I didn't get to work on the wordless picture book project, I was going to have to fight some people. It's basically my dream project! I get to illustrate a children's book, work one of my favourite lecturers and basically use this project as an excuse to squeeze a few more drawings into my day

Talk soon


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