Final Presentations

It's always at this point in the project, where I am forced to reconsider all choices I have made up until this point, and really wonder why I procrastinate.

As per usual, with this project, I might have waited until the last second to actually put the presentation together. (the work was done, I just hadn't actually compiled it into anything). Which means, that on Thursday morning I was still busy trying to put this thing together.

Do you remember that presentation from the middle of the project that I almost lost forever? Well, all of the design work and illustration that I've done since that point had to get added onto that presentation (so all I can say is thank GOODNESS that I didn't actually loose the presentation forever), so that I could present it to the class as one 'cohesive' project.

Well, silly me, decided to create said almost-lost presentation in Illustrator, instead of Indesign, because I, unfortunately, seem to have some serious mental block towards Indesign that results in really mediocre work. The thing with Indesign though, is that it is designed to work with documents that are pages and pages and pages long, Illustrator is regrettably not.

My presentation is 89 pages

So basically I'm working in Illustrator with a document that it is SO not designed to handle... You know, I really think I just ask for bad stuff to happen to me...

Basically, the document is too much for Illustrator, meaning that, of course, it wouldn't actually be able to save. Something was bound to go wrong, and I don't know why I didn't anticipate this, but here we are.

The doom, of illustrator refusing to save when I need to leave to make it to my presentation on time

Basically, I had to copy each page into a new document, one at a time. And each time I pasted the page, I had to save, to see where the error was. It was TWO pages out of my 89 page document (so glad I spent all that time copying and pasting). So, with literally zero time left, I took a screen shot of those two pages and plonked it in, saved, and literally RAN out of the house.

Considering I live a minimum of 40 minutes away from varsity, I have no idea, whatsoever, how I made it there on time for my presentation at 12:00, when I left at 11:30. Miracles I guess.

What the actual presentation was like. I was 100% writing this blog post during other people's presentations, like the amazing classmate I am. Sorry guys. (I was listening, I promise)

And then I presented, and it was all over. I'd done it!

Now, I just have to make it through the digital hand in on Tuesday...

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