Figuring Out the Research Bit

Surprisingly, research is not something I dislike. Is it in my list of top 100 things to do, no, but in the greater scheme of things, there are worse things than research. Needless to say (after reading the title of this post, and maybe some of my earlier ones), research happens to be a pretty big part of this project. So here we go...

So the best part of this part, was 100% looking at all of the other wordless picture books. One thing you should know about me, is that I am effectively a picture book whore. I love them all. Any shape, size, genre, style, I'm there for them all.

But, I had a purpose! A goal! I refused to get lost in the world of picture books (okay, I did a little, but i reigned myself in, and here we are).

Flora and the Penguin was definitely my favourite.

It's basically about a little girl in ice skates and a penguin. The illustrations are honestly gorgeous and the whole books is put together in the most thoughtful way.

I used to work in a book shop, and we actually stocked this book. It's one of the only wordless picture books that I have actually come across in my life, and I think seeing it again in my research just made me really happy.

HERE is a youtube video of a flip through of the book, which you really should watch.

Okay, but on to the real stuff...

Now that I've dipped my toe into what this project really entails, I've come up with a bit of a plan:

1. Go a little bit more in depth into picture book trends and literacy in South Africa

Because, yes, I did spend too long looking at picture books. You should too, there is a great list of wordless picture books HERE that you should take a peek at

2. Decide on what kind of approach I want to take for this project

At this point, I think I want to focus on the idea of creating a reading culture in South Africa, so most of the questions I ask in my interviews, will probably tie back to this some how.

3. Figure out some questions

So I suppose that actually asking some useful questions in the interviews will probably be helpful, I just haven't quite figured out what these 'useful questions' are just yet. Hopefully I do soon, because we are supposed to be interviewing this weekend, and falling behind on this project is probably not just a bad idea, but the worst one.

4. Find people to interview

I mean its wonderful that I have all of these amazing questions (still pending, but I'm hoping they might eventually appear), but I actually do need to find some people willing to answer them for me. And I can't just find anyone (because you know if I could, my family and friends would have been interviewed at least twice each by now), I actually have to find people who's answers will somehow be relevant to this project

Best get on that


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