I'm Jamie, the creative brain behind Strawberryjam.

Nice to meet you! 


I'm a Johannesburg-based illustrator currently enjoying the life of carefully organised chaos. I like to think of myself as a graphic designer with a flair for layout, branding and packaging who happens to have an intense passion for illustration.

(other hobbies include: shamelessly loving other people's pets and trying not to kill my plant children)

Graphic Designer & Illustrator

Hello there


Strawberryjam self portrait
Peonies self portrait
What can I do?

I love to create visually striking, bright, dynamic works & my goal is always to create something traditionally beautiful with a unique creative twist. 


I specialise in creating engaging layouts that tell a story, branding and corporate identity for any and all in need of a fresh look, and packaging designs that look as good as you know your product is.


A life-long passion, that grew into a unique style. Based on an artistic background in realism and a diverse technical knowledge, my style transformed into a distinctive mix between my own cartoon world and the real one.

I love creating work to use in my designs, as well as for storytelling, pattern and textiles, portraiture and much more!